Galina GrasskovaK

Hello. I rarely see you on Facebook. I have a question for you.
We have a mutual concern, that awful woman Galina Krasskova.
I heard you are looking for information that would lead to her being prosecuted for the things she does?
I may be able to help you with that.

I called my local FBI office because some of the behaviors had happened across state lines--also not interested. I'll keep trying, but the lack of people willing to make a charge against Galina is a problem.

F.A"Yes, I know it is a problem they are afraid of her. She in her turn is afraid of me, she knows I am the real thing!

Well, I am also not afraid of her one bit and I think she knows it. I would stand right in front of her and say exactly what I think, even if she did have a gun in hand (she loves her guns). She might HAVE some conjure or spell-making skills, but I have integrity she will never possess, and I think the gods and wights know this and protect me for it--although I just do what I think is right. Being rewarded is nowhere in my mind at the time. Kveldulf told me you and he discussed the swine blot--that's an example of the sort of thing I'm talking about. I have some allies at a web site in Europe (Germany) who may be interested in assisting the online exposure. They run a site called "New Age Frauds and Plastic Shamans" and have a LOT of experience getting word out about cheaters, liars, cons, criminals, and predators. Many of their subjects land up in jail. However, they also have been sued as have those associated with the exposures and even the running of the web site itself. It's impervious to being hacked so the frauds use legal tricks if they can. On participants and harm, the large detail I see is that of people with diagnosed mental health problems taking part in her stuff. I know one man in New York state whom she created a dedication ritual for (to Odhinn) and that guy has Borderline Personality Disorder, was even institionalized for it in the past. Since going through that ritual, the poor man has drifted and felt completely abandoned, wondering why Odhinn has left him. I showed Kveldulf his online journal and his personal website talking about this. One of my BIGGEST issues with Galina is actually something you may be able to investigate since you are in Spain. Not all that long ago, Galina had a fan. A woman from the west coast of the United States, VERY well-off. They corresponded, Galina charmed her, and the woman began giving her gifts and support. This woman, Fuensanta Plaza, has family in Switzerland. She has been estranged from them for a long time because she wanted to work and live apart. They thought this was demeaning, since they had so much money. So she came to the US. Then, she developed Alzheimer's disease and her mind began to go. I met her a couple of times. She was a lovely person and definitely didn't deserve to be taken in by the likes of Galina. The icky and maybe illegal part was, she wanted to go back to Switzerland to end her life with the aid of the group Dignitas, but they broke contract with her, saying if she could still sensibly choose to die, then she was too aware to die. Catch 22. So she came back here, and went to an isolated place in Vermont that the people from Cauldron Farm had constructed for her, in order to die of cold (it was winter). This is sad but not lillegal. The part that makes ME go hmmmm is that Fuensanta had adopted Galina as her adult daughter, legally. Ok, so....IF the adoption was legal, and the court upheld it when Fuensanta's family came from Europe to sue for the money, then WHY, when one of the Cauldron Farm people tried to write about the death in a heavily redacted account online, did Galina threaten to sue him? I have his original writing, I have screenshots of his blog when he took it down and explaining why. If it was all on the level and honest, WHY would she feel the huge need to sue? She got a PILE of money out of that adoption. She has a nice house, a full post graduate education, a cosy life with lots of travel, ALL paid for by Fuensanta's money. She has a pack of lawyers on retainer. It is all QUITE suspicious. On pictures...Galina is very smart and never takes pictures of her ordeals in progress. The pictures I have are all from people Galina knows and who also do ordeals on others. She HAS written about them and those accounts are in Raven Kaldera's books. Names of participants are hidden. I am probably the ONLY one who Galina has ever done anything to who has a direct connection to her having used a weapon on someone. And I have not wanted to take the position that what happened was not true to Odhinn. I saw the rune that got picked, I trust the man whose runes they were, and I felt Odhinn there waiting for me to decide. That she cut me deeply, I know for certain. I would feel very bad, like an oath-breaker, if I said I had not consented. So I am stuck not knowing what to say about that. Perhaps one of these other people will step up. I will try to talk to them and let them know they would have support if they chose to go public. I want to make the best strategy possible because if this all fails, we won't have the opportunity again. She is too smart for that and I've laid in wait for ten years, more or less. The depth of her sickness is really quite something.

OK, I will go check my saved research and see what the names were. I found them on a Spanish-speaking genealogy website.
There was that court case about the will, so I think police do have the have Fuensanta's name slightly wrong as it's not what Galina so often has it down as being--probably another ploy.
Her name, so far as I have been able to discover was legally María Fuensanta Plaza Arismendi
And her parents were José Luis Plaza
and Beatriz Arismendi Amengual
Obituary says she was born May 4, 1950 and died February 5, 2010
More...says Born 4 May 1950 - Caracas, Venezuela
Both parents APPEAR to be living
Here is the Spanish language site from which I got the information

Further information:!/entry/the-good-death,5258674cda27f5d9d0328e02

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